Nineteen Eighty-Four (BBC Radio 4 Dramas) por George Orwell

Nineteen Eighty-Four (BBC Radio 4 Dramas) por George Orwell

Titulo del libro: Nineteen Eighty-Four (BBC Radio 4 Dramas)

Autor: George Orwell

ISBN: 1471331431

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George Orwell con Nineteen Eighty-Four (BBC Radio 4 Dramas)

Winston Smith works for the Ministry of Truth in London, chief city of Airstrip One. Big Brother stares out from every poster and the Thought Police uncover each act of betrayal. Then Winston finds love with Julia.

"My favourite book is 1984 . . . More relevant to today than almost any other book that you can think of" (Jo Brand)

"His final masterpiece . . . enthralling and indispensable for understanding modern history" (New York Review of Books)

"The book of the twentieth century . . . haunts us with an ever-darker relevance" (Independent)

"Orwell remains the most indispensable English writer of his period" (Observer)

"One of the most influential English writers of the twentieth century" (Robert McCrum Observer)

"Many writers and journalists have tried to imitate his particular kind of clarity without possessing anything like his moral authority" (Peter Ackroyd The Times)

"Matchlessly sharp and fresh . . . The clearest and most compelling English prose style this century" (John Carey Sunday Times)

"Orwell's innocent eye was often devastatingly perceptive . . . a man who looked at his world with wonder and wrote down exactly what he saw, in admirable prose" (Evening Standard)

"The great moral force of his age . . . It is impossible not to be elated by his literary and political writing . . . the most lovable of writers, someone whose books can make the reader long for his company" (Spectator)

From the Inside Flap
Newspeak, Doublethink, Big Brother, the Thought Police--George Orwell's world-famous novel coined new and potent words of warning for us all. Alive with Swiftian wit and passion, it is one of the most brilliant satires on totalitarianism and the power-hungry ever written.

Introduction by Ben Pimlott

About the Book
"It is a volley against the authoritarian in every personality, a polemic against every orthodoxy, an anarchistic blast against every unquestioning conformist . . . Nineteen Eighty-Four is a great novel and a great tract because of the clarity of its call, and it will endure because its message is a permanent one: erroneous thought is the stuff of freedom" --Ben Pimlott

"Orwell remains the most indispensable English writer of his period" --John Gross in the Observer

"A momentous book" --Lionel Trilling

"A masterpiece of political speculation … Its harsh style creates as authentic a picture of a state turned by men themselves into hell as the lyrical passages of Animal Farm give a picture of a natural, pastoral and egalitarian Utopia. Both are creations of a great writer" --Bernard Crick

From the Back Cover
While the totalitarianism that provoked George Orwell into writing 'Nineteen Eighty-Four' seems to be passing into oblivion, his harrowing, cautionary tale of a man trapped in a political nightmare has had the opposite fate, and its relevance and power to disturb our complacency seem to grow decade by decade.