The road (English Edition) por jack   london

The road (English Edition) por jack london

Titulo del libro: The road (English Edition)

Autor: jack london

Número de páginas: 146 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: December 13, 2018

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jack london con The road (English Edition)

The Road is an autobiographical memoir via Jack London, first published in 1907. It is London's account of his experiences as a hobo inside the 1890s, all through the worst economic despair the US had experienced as much as that point. He describes his experiences hopping freight trains, "conserving down" a teach when the crew is attempting to throw him off, begging for food and money, and making up extremely good tales to idiot the police. He additionally tells of the thirty days that he spent in the Erie County Penitentiary, which he described as a place of "unprintable horrors," after being "pinched" (arrested) for vagrancy. In addition, he recounts his time with Kelly's Army, which he joined up with in Wyoming and remained with until its dissolution on the Mississippi River