Racine (Postcard History) (English Edition) por Gerald L. Karwowski

Racine (Postcard History) (English Edition) por Gerald L. Karwowski

Titulo del libro: Racine (Postcard History) (English Edition)

Autor: Gerald L. Karwowski

Número de páginas: 128 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: August 22, 2007

Editor: Arcadia Publishing

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Gerald L. Karwowski con Racine (Postcard History) (English Edition)

In November 1834, Capt. Gilbert Knapp staked a claim to 141 acres at the mouth of the Root River, naming it Port Gilbert. This site became the city of Racine. During the pioneer years, Racine was dubbed �the Belle City� of the Great Lakes (from the French word belle, meaning �beautiful�). The growth of this beautiful city and its harbor was captured in vintage postcards at a time when people sent little notes and messages to friends and family the way people use e-mail and cell phones today. These cards are like vignettes showing the changes that have taken place since one century ago�a pictorial documentation of Racine preserved for future generations to enjoy.