River Traffic (Orca Soundings) (English Edition) por Martha Brack Martin

River Traffic (Orca Soundings) (English Edition) por Martha Brack Martin

Titulo del libro: River Traffic (Orca Soundings) (English Edition)

Autor: Martha Brack Martin

Número de páginas: 69 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: October 17, 2016

Editor: Orca Book Publishers

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Martha Brack Martin con River Traffic (Orca Soundings) (English Edition)

Sixteen-year-old Tom LeFave is trying to hold his world together. His family's marina is struggling. His dad is full of secrets. And the quarterback of the football team hates his guts. When a huge yacht docks at Tom's marina, things look brighter, especially when he meets Kat, the daughter of the boat's owner. Kat and Tom share a love of rum-running history. It's not long, however, before Tom starts to realize there's something more than history happening on the river. And if Tom can't figure it out in time, he just might be history too.