False Prophet (English Edition) por Berislav Loncarevic

False Prophet (English Edition) por Berislav Loncarevic

Titulo del libro: False Prophet (English Edition)

Autor: Berislav Loncarevic

Fecha de lanzamiento: April 2, 2010

Editor: Saritaksu

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Berislav Loncarevic con False Prophet (English Edition)

False Prophet is a compilation of short stories. They all
follow a certain theme, and they all tell a tale of somebody who
has traveled to run away to forget, but in the end manages to find something more important. Most of the stories happen in Asia and on the island of Bali. Each is presented along with a photo. Although not immediately related to the stories, each image suggests a moment of empathy in time, hinting of an unknown dimension that serves to arouse the reader’s personal involvement and interpretation.
This form is specific and innovative, because it’s a book about
traveling, made up of short fragments set in different parts of the world, fragments which represent the essence of what traveling is all about. To lose yourself, and then to find yourself as somebody new.
An ideal companion on your travels, it lightly opens
unexpected windows and lets the breeze travel through, allowing suspension in virtual limbo, unfettered by dimensions of time and space. A poetry of life emerges, wherin different lifestyles, cultures and experiences bring new potential to one’s existence, each discovery a new page in the evolution of the soul.
About the author:
Berislav Loncarevic was born 1971 in Zagreb, Croatia. From the early age he felt in love with the nature, especially seas and mountains. He is as passionate about all board sports as he is about words and has competed in both snowboarding and wake boarding competitions.
After studying law he set off to travel the world, writing down his experiences as he went. For the
time being he is living in Bali and surfing the waves of the Indonesian archipelago. His last book Skitač na valovima, published in Croatia by Profil International, resided for several months on the bestseller lists. He writes in Croatian and English.