Evidence-Based Horsemanship por Stephen Peters

Evidence-Based Horsemanship por Stephen Peters

Titulo del libro: Evidence-Based Horsemanship

Autor: Stephen Peters

Número de páginas: 122 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: February 6, 2012

ISBN: 9781600476853

Editor: Wasteland Press

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Stephen Peters con Evidence-Based Horsemanship

Páginas: 122 Géneros: 12:WNGH:Horses & ponies 12:WSN:Equestrian & animal sports Sinopsis: Most horsemen agree that timing, feel, and balance are the holy trinity of horsemanship. They are also key elements of this book. The timing couldnt be better. We are in the midst of a revival of interest in horsemanship. People are hungry for factual information and intelligent conversation. The feel of the book is genuinely refreshing and original. It is unpretentious, straight forward and informative. The balance is brilliant