Shortcuts to Poland (English Edition) por Laura Klos Sokol

Shortcuts to Poland (English Edition) por Laura Klos Sokol

Titulo del libro: Shortcuts to Poland (English Edition)

Autor: Laura Klos Sokol

Número de páginas: 182 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: August 27, 2012

Editor: International Publishing Service Sp. z o. o.

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Laura Klos Sokol con Shortcuts to Poland (English Edition)

Whether you’re visiting or working in Poland, this book will help you better understand Poles’ everyday behaviors—and perhaps some of your own in a cross-cultural situation. Going beyond pierogi and vodka, you’ll learn how to have a conversation, behave as a guest, be a good work colleague and make friends. The cultural insights on Polish behaviors and values will make you feel more comfortable in Poland…or at least a bit less puzzled. While directed at Americans, the examples and observations will appeal to anyone interested in cross-cultural communications.

This 3rd edition includes updates and new chapters on work, kids, dogs and more.