Cloud Computing (English Edition) por Sandeep Bhowmik

Cloud Computing (English Edition) por Sandeep Bhowmik

Titulo del libro: Cloud Computing (English Edition)

Autor: Sandeep Bhowmik

Número de páginas: 426 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: June 29, 2017

Editor: Cambridge University Press

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Sandeep Bhowmik con Cloud Computing (English Edition)

Written in a tutorial style, this comprehensive guide follows a structured approach explaining cloud techniques, models and platforms. Popular cloud services such as Amazon, Google and Microsoft Azure are explained in the text. The security risks and challenges of cloud computing are discussed in detail with useful examples. Emerging trends including mobile cloud computing and internet of things are discussed in the book for the benefit of the readers. Numerous review questions, multiple choice exercises and case studies facilitate enhanced understanding. This textbook is ideal for undergraduate and graduate students of computer science engineering, and information technology.