Greater Eurasia Scenarios (English Edition) por Andrew Korybko

Greater Eurasia Scenarios (English Edition) por Andrew Korybko

Titulo del libro: Greater Eurasia Scenarios (English Edition)

Autor: Andrew Korybko

Número de páginas: 95 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: March 15, 2017

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Andrew Korybko con Greater Eurasia Scenarios (English Edition)

This new series explores a range of scenarios that are either presently ongoing in Eurasia or have the potential to transpire in the coming future. It should not be assumed by the reader that all of these will happen, and much can occur to offset even the most seemingly inevitable of these events, but nor should anyone be under the assumption that any of these possibilities are necessarily being endorsed by the author. The purpose in crafting this series is to syncretize as much publicly available information and trends as possible in objectively forecasting the realities that might appear just across the horizon. The optimistic hope is that this work will inspire decision makers, researchers, and casual observers alike to take the initiative in following through on these scenarios by promoting, preempting, investigating, and/or interpreting them as needed depending on one’s own personal objectives and role vis-à-vis these possibilities.