Skellig: TV Tie-In por David Almond

Skellig: TV Tie-In por David Almond

Titulo del libro: Skellig: TV Tie-In

Autor: David Almond

ISBN: 0340997044

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David Almond con Skellig: TV Tie-In


Amazon Review
Michael can feel his sick baby sister's heart beating inside him, and as long as he can feel it he knows she is alive. But as her condition becomes life-threatening and the family faces the nightmare of an operation to save her life, Michael turns to his new friend Mina and the strange being, Skellig, who has been living beneath the crumbling garage at the family's new home.

In this most delicate and tender story of a young boy living in fear of death and coming to terms with life, you can almost touch the indefinable magic that Skellig--part owl, part human, part everything and nothing--brings to Michael's unsettled world.

With the gentle touch of an angel's breath, Almond, in his first novel for children, lets his characters think, feel and believe without overwhelming sentimentality. A dream of a book to touch even the hardest of hearts. --Susan Harrison

Lyrical, innovative and unforgettably moving. (Sunday Express (Cressida Cowell))

Lyrical, innovative and moving...unforgettably moving (Cressida Cowell Sunday Express)

The book I wish I'd written is Skellig by David Almond. Almond's book has a great sense of the mysterious; we are left with a sense of wonder. I wish that I had written it! (Joseph Delaney Books For Keeps)

This modern classic has been reissued in a beautiful 15th anniversary edition (Lorna Bradbury The Sunday Telegraph)

An exquisitely crafted book with a mystical core (The Daily Telegraph)

The sort of children's book that makes adults find excuses to read more of them (Times Educational Supplement)

Hard to put down (Liz Lightfoot The Daily Telegraph)

Refusing to read this book on the grounds that you are not a child makes as much sense as refusing to read crime fiction because you are not a criminal. A deep and lovely book. (Nick Hornby The Times)

An exquisite book (The Sunday Telegraph)

Brings Magical Realism to working-class Northeast England (i (The Independent))

A story full of heart and magic and big confusing emotions, elegantly told by a master craftsman. A perfect piece of art (Lucy Christopher Big Issue (london))

Touched with a visionary intensity, this strange, hugely readable and life-affirming tale exercises every muscle of the imagination (The Guardian)

Humorous, heart-stopping and emotional roller-coaster of a read with a cliff-hanger of a conclusion. Inspired and inspiring. (Newcastle Journal)

A visionary story...a lyrical, magical kind of book which can be read on many different levels (The Daily Mail)

Voted Carnegie Medal's Number one Top Book of the past 70 years (The Times)

I can't eat a chinese takeaway without thinking about this strange and beautiful book about an angel who seems to have lost his way. (Gill Harvey The Big Issue)

A bookshelf essential. (The Guardian)

Deservedly popular (The Observer)

Powerful and moving (

A beautiful story which will enchant young and old alike (Western Morning News)

A modern classic
Listed as on the of the 100 Best Children's Books Ever (Novels)

(The Daily Telegraph)

One of those books that you can't put down (Junior Reviewer Conor Neison, aged 12 Evening Echo (Cork))

. . . gripping, beautiful and brilliantly written . . . Everyone is raving about this unforgettable book. (The Sunday Times)

Touched with a visionary intensity, this strange, hugely readable and life-affirming tale exercises every muscle of the imagination. (The Guardian)

A stunning debut . . . An extraordinary book. (The Sunday Telegraph)

the most lyrical children's author now writing (The Guardian)

'Truly original, mysterious and affecting . . . Almond treads with delicate certainty, and the result is something genuine and true' (Philip Pullman, The Guardian)

'Tremendously innovative, highly original and very moving.' (Melvin Burgess)

'it's a wonderfully original and beautifully written story and, oddest of all for a children's book, it manages to address the unlikely theme of spirituality with beguiling delicacy.' (The Irish Times)

'His characters are proper, complex portraits of children that don't succumb to the gender clichés prevalent in children's fiction.' (The Irish Times)

'A deep and lovely book' (The Times)

'A bookshelf essential.' (The Guardian)

A beautifully told modern fairytale. (Observer)

From the Publisher
Critical acclaim for Skellig from the press & fellow authors
'A story of love and faith, written with exquisite, heart-fluttering tenderness. It is an extraordinarily profound book, no matter what the age of the reader' - THE CHAIRMAN OF THE WHITBREAD JUDGES 'Utterly gripping...A marvellous and unnerving debut' - TES 'Tremendously innovative, highly original and very moving. David Almond is a fascinating new voice' - MELVIN BURGESS 'Gripping, fascinating, beautiful' - JOAN AIKEN 'Tense and involving . . . something not to miss' - THE INDEPENDENT

'Touched with a visionary intensity, this strange, hugely readable and life-affirming tale exercises every muscle of the imagination' - THE GUARDIAN 'A stunning extraordinary book' - THE SUNDAY TELEGRAPH 'A beautifully written, superbly crafted modern fable'-THE BOOKSELLER 'This is a story which burns bright from first to last, and for long after it is over. A quite extraordinary book. Unforgettable.' - MICHAEL MORPURGO 'Stands head and shoulders about the rest...Almond is clearly an exceptional writer.' - LITERARY REVIEW 'Gripping, beautiful and brilliantly of the great discoveries of the year...everyone is raving about this unforgettable book' - THE SUNDAY TIMES 'An intensely written and fast moving fable...a considerable achievement'-BOOKS FOR KEEPS 'I read this luminous novel with a sense of wonder - and it's left an imprint on my mind - and yes, my heart - that will not easily, if ever, fade. In fact, I think Skellig deserves that risky adjective - unforgettable.' - ROBERT CORMIER