Magnetic Memory Mondays Newsletter - Volume 7 (Magnetic Memory Series) (English Edition) por Anthony Metivier

Magnetic Memory Mondays Newsletter - Volume 7 (Magnetic Memory Series) (English Edition) por Anthony Metivier

Titulo del libro: Magnetic Memory Mondays Newsletter - Volume 7 (Magnetic Memory Series) (English Edition)

Autor: Anthony Metivier

Número de páginas: 143 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: October 6, 2013

Editor: Advanced Education Methodologies

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Anthony Metivier con Magnetic Memory Mondays Newsletter - Volume 7 (Magnetic Memory Series) (English Edition)

If you've ever wanted to double, triple or even quadruple the effectiveness of your Memory Palaces using the Magnetic Memory Method for vocabulary memorization, then this seventh compilation of the Magnetic Memory Mondays newsletter will show you:

* How to deal with - and possibly - overcome ADHD using Memory Palaces.

* Why Magneto is a better memorization role model than either the Joker or Batman.

* The "feel-good" keys to the kingdom of advanced memory skills.

* Secret (and easy) techniques for memorizing names and faces.

* How to eliminate the inevitable confusion that comes from poorly constructed Memory Palaces.

* The incredible link between meditation and memory skills.

* How to boost your concentration when reading so you can memorize the stuff once and for all.

* Why running your hands along the walls may improve your foreign language vocabulary memorization efforts.

* How to build up to 20,000 words and more in your quest for fluency.

* The hidden mastery skills you'll need to keep your Memory Palace journeys linear.

* The real reasons why advanced memory skills for everyone would have prevented 9/11 (and all other wars).

* Why memorizing Chinese is easier than dealing with a hangover.

* Precisely why the need for motivation is a myth and how to exploit it.

* How to avoid going outside in your Memory Palaces (if for some reason you've got a cold and might die from even just a tiny draft of fresh Memory Palace air).

* Why you should never play "follow the memorizer" and how to do your own thing for maximum success.

* How to "like" the words you are trying to memorize so that they stick in your mind better.

* How to "shoo" procrastination out of your life so that you can make real advances in your language memorization efforts.

* Why you should never fail to dare.

* The absolutely best (and most Magnetic) way to use to-do lists.

* How to put your "abs" into the memorization process.

* The most effective way to use elevators in your Memory Palaces so that you can build nearly infinitive networks of them and memorize massive amounts of vocabulary starting right now.

* And much, much more ...

The Magnetic Memory system has been used by real language learners and people interested in improving their memory abilities, most of whom previously considered themselves owners of a "bad memory" to make real strides in memorizing new languages, knowledge and terminology.

Don't worry! None of the techniques and ideas revealed in this newsletter are rocket science.

Frankly, if you can memorize a short email address or the name of a movie, then you can use the Magnetic Memory system to memorize all the information you could ever want or need.

But there's really no time to lose.

Every day that you are not using the Magnetic Memory Method, you are literally stealing from yourself the joy of reading, speaking and knowing a second-language and recalling metric tons of information as you easily expand the natural abilities of your mind.